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Front Bumper Pinstripe Kit (2016-2019 Civic)

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  • Front Bumper Pinstripe Kit (2016-2019 Civic)



1) Clean the surface with alcohol/water and a cloth. Make sure it is completely dry before starting.
2) Peel a bit of the sticker from the backing paper and start aligning it on the trim.
3) Continue peeling and installing to the end. On the curves be patient to make a nice and clean fit
4) If anything goes wrong you can take it off and start again (or use the spare one). Be patient and do it slow.

To end, use a small blade to cut the excessive material. 
If there are any bends on the material use a hairdrayer to heat up and then press the vinyl until the bends disappear.
Please note: the pictures are only examples of how you can install the stripes! It's up to you where you want to start and to end the installation. 



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