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Wrap Quick Detailer

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  • Wrap Quick Detailer


Thanks to Rev Auto Supply we have teamed up to bring you a product we are proud to back and use ourselves! Finally we have the product that not only, we want you to use but also the product we ourselves here at Premium want to use every time we complete a wrap, and keep all of our shop cars looking show ready. This detailer spray is specifically made to keep your wrap looking exactly the way it was the first day it was completed! Preserve the longevity of your wrap with the detailer spray and make the quality of your wrap last even longer.

Perfect for Gloss, Satin and Matte vinyl. As an extra bonus feature the "Quick Wrap Detailer" can also be used for paint. 

This is a detailer spray, so we do recommend the vehicle is clear of debris and any other contaminants before using the product! It is not a soap, and it is not a wax. This is a detailer spray with UV protectant technology, specially made for Vinyl wrap and can be used on Paint as well. Keep that first day shine of your new wrap and never look back!

Great for Full Vehicle Wraps, Roof Wraps, Hood Wraps, Etc.

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